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Save now with the saver subscription!

HANF SLEEP SPRAY PLUS contains the goodness from the hemp plant, packaged in liposomes for better absorption. In our spray we have combined a broad-spectrum hemp extract with the body's own messenger melatonin and vitamin B6.

Melatonin is a natural substance that signals our body to relax and fall asleep. This makes SLEEP SPRAY PLUS the perfect product for the evening.

TIP: The VAAY HANF SLEEP SPRAY PLUS is also available in a practical savings subscription. With the subscription you save 10% and take no risk at all, because it can be cancelled at any time.

For even more peaceful nights. 🌚

What is the best way to use HANF SLEEP SPRAY PLUS?

Calm down slowly in the evening and avoid agitating activities such as sports or intensive media consumption. Bring body and mind to rest and prepare yourself consciously for going to bed. 

Then, about 30 minutes before going to bed, spray 4 pumps (total 0.6 ml) into your mouth and keep the SLEEP SPRAY under your tongue for at least 90 seconds before swallowing.

Now go to bed and prepare for a well-deserved night's rest.

And now: Happy Dreams! 😴

High quality is our first priority 👩🏼‍🔬

At VAAY, we work with biologists, physicians, and researchers to create the best product for you from high-quality active ingredients.

We use hemp extracts grown in the EU and have all our products regularly analyzed and certified in the accredited TÜV laboratory.

So that you can start your day relaxed with VAAY, we publish our TÜV analysis values and show you the high quality of our products.