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Berlin Craft Edition

Berlin Craft Edition

It's cold outside and it's getting dark earlier and earlier! What could be better than lovingly handmade products for a relaxing evening at home? But then to go out into the cold to search for it is also not the real thing. And especially towards the end of the year, maybe you just don't have the time. You can still rest assured, because we have just the right thing for you AND you can easily have it delivered to your home!

Local, handmade products - they are not only unique and often of superior quality, but also quite rare nowadays. They do exist, it's just that they're not in every supermarket or retail store. You really have to look for them - and that alone makes them special. 

And what better way than to give a special person something special and unique? That's why we want to introduce you to the perfect gift for the holidays, a birthday or any other special occasion: The VAAY x Berlin Craft Edition

For the VAAY x Berlin Craft Edition, we took the trouble to search for just such unique products for you in Berlin - and we found them! In cooperation with five Berlin craft artists* we have launched a strictly limited special edition under the motto "From Berlin, for Berlin.". Our goal: to give something back to the Berlin community in these difficult times and to support those who are having a particularly hard time.


Together with local Berlin companies we have designed unique, limited edition products for you.


Coudre Team

Simple men's fashion, interior and everything to feel good and relax. From the cuddly couch blanket to soap dishes (incl. soap) and organic teas to the casual bomber jacket (unfortunately sold out) - without frills and frills, but with a lot of handicraft and a fine sense for beauty. Minimalist interiors for relaxed minds, that's what Daniel and Dimitri stand for with their young design label Coudre.

And the two designers have not failed to notice that a fragrance can take us to new places in the blink of an eye - which is why they personally work tirelessly on exciting compositions of fruity, herbal, floral and tart notes for each of their famous scented candles. The result is fragrances you have never smelled before! Light them, lean back and let yourself be carried away! Take a look now at what they have developed exclusively for our Limited Edition.

Candles x Coudre


Christoph Wohlfarth has a weakness for sweets. This probably runs in the family, because with his training as a baker and confectioner he continued a family tradition that can be traced back 400 years. He gained his first experience with the noble bean even before he became self-employed, among other things as head pastry chef in the starred restaurant. Since 2010, the sole proprietor has dedicated himself entirely to chocolate. The first-class quality of his cocoa beans from Ecuador is as important to him as fair conditions, high ethical standards and the cultivation of his beans according to organic guidelines.

The rest he manages on his own - "bean to bar", that is, from the bean to the finished chocolate. In addition to various bars, he also has more unusual products in his range: salami and records, for example - made of chocolate, of course. So our request to develop a chocolate creation for the VAAY Limited Edition with our all-time favorite plant hemp probably didn't upset him that much. One can be curious what he has conjured out of his hat for this.


Chemikerin Gudrun Schmidt

With her family soap manufacture, chemist Gudrun Schmidt made a virtue out of necessity: because her little daughter suffered from neurodermatitis, she began to cook various fats into soap on the stove at home. To create a soap that cleanses and at the same time does not dry out the skin, it took several attempts. But finally the perfect balance was found. Since then, the chemist has stopped using shower gel - and her daughter is rid of neurodermatitis.

But good skin compatibility, consistency and foaming properties are only the basis for their creations - they are perfected by their unique scent compositions. That these are so difficult to predict in advance initially made the scientist skeptical. Today she enjoys experimenting. She likes to be surprised by her own ideas and thus combines science and craftsmanship in her very own way. So you can imagine our enthusiasm when she agreed to lock herself in her workshop for our Limited Edition ... You can see the result here!

Maisoap Berlin


Beshar and Suzanne met under the warm sun of Southern California, where a healthy lifestyle is quite normal. They then realized in Switzerland that it is not always easy to combine this with a demanding career. In order not to have to give up their healthy diet and still be able to concentrate fully on their job, the two came to Berlin one fine day and developed bJuice.

bJuice is cold-pressed fruit and vegetables - the essence of healthy nutrition for in-between meals. Each juice or shot has its own specific advantages. But they all have one thing in common: No compromises are made when it comes to quality! Our Limited Edition was just what they were looking for as a new challenge. What ingredient would be better than hemp to add the icing on the cake to all the already good stuff? Correct: none! Your little, colorful health coach from the bottle. Healthy & fresh has never been so easy!

Bjuice Berlin


The passion for the hemp plant and its various uses has determined the course of this young company from the very beginning. Thus the plan to apply for a cultivation license for medical cannabis was born. But on the way there, it soon became clear that much more exciting projects are waiting outside the medical market. So the three permanent and four freelance employees have become a team of specialists who develop unique formulations with over-the-counter cannabinoids for their business customers.

Functionality is the top priority, because with their products they want to make the huge potential of the hemp plant accessible. Of course, the pleasure of consumption must not be neglected - the rich aroma of their Broadspectrum distillates is therefore just as important as an attractive appearance. Local products, permanent quality controls and the ambition to constantly improve further ensure first-class quality. Our VAAY Limited Edition was a home game for ITM.UG and the team was able to draw on a wealth of experience in developing a very special hemp tea. You can see here what came out of it!


Together with local Berlin companies we have designed unique, limited edition products for you.

  • Due to Covid-19 a lot of small companies and the society were heavily affected economically. We wanted to show some solidarity and team up with great artisans from Berlin to support each other and the community.

  • You can buy the VAAY Berlin Craft Edition online or in our VAAY Flagship Store in Berlin.

  • You can buy the VAAY Berlin Craft Edition as long as it is on stock or max. until the end of January 2021.

  • We are donating 10% of the turnover to One Warm Winter. It's a Berlin based charity organization supporting homeless people in need.