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This is how CBD helps. Testers are astouned.

„CBD is a great alternative for me to relax and find my balance again.“

- Fabia (25), Marketing-Managerin


Whether CBD oil, hemp capsules or CBD pen. VAAY products not only consist of natural extracts, cannabinoids and terpenes, but are also subject to the highest quality standards.


The start-up works with developers, biologists, physicians and researchers to manufacture the best product from high-quality active ingredients for their customers.


The two founders attach great importance to using only hemp extracts grown in the EU and have all products regularly analyzed in the accredited TÜV laboratory.


    Relax with our CBD Mouth Spray and 100% natural ingredients.


    CBD Mouth Spray based on natural broad spectrum hemp extract with MCT oil from coconut.


    Try one of our four different tastes and find your favourite.

Replacing bad habits as a ritual. CBD could become a fixed ritual in everyday life - like the piece of chocolate or the after-work beer that you indulge in after a strenuous day. Only without their undesirable side effects. A drag on the CBD pen or a spray of the CBD oil mouth spray under the tongue could even replace such rather bad habits. Finn Age Hänsel says: “We are so awake and overwrought that we long for rest. CBD can help here."