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End of Season Sale

End of Season Sale

Get the relaxed VAAYbes for the next season. Save until August 31, 2021 and start your VAAY ritual twice as relaxed - just scroll down for the right code!

You want to buy CBD oil cheap?

If you want to buy CBD cheap, you should preferably focus on offers in the sale or on discounts through multiple packs. If the CBD oil from a retailer is already cheap in advance, you may not get the best CBD oil and in the worst case it contains too much THC - or so little CBD that you simply do not feel anything at all.

In order not to end up with a cheap isolate, but a high-quality hemp full-spectrum extract in your hands, we advise you to go for quality. In case of doubt, this can also be more effective, so that you get more - and longer - something out of it. After all, we all know the old saying: if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Nevertheless, we naturally try to make our prices as fair as possible. If you consider that already a small vial of CBD oil 5 percent contains 400 grams and a vial of CBD oil 10 percent contains 800 grams of fresh hemp, perhaps it becomes a little clearer how the prices for CBD oil are composed. Especially since this is followed by the complex processing and costs for other items such as employees or distribution.

Can I buy CBD oil cheaper in Holland?

It's no big secret that Holland is much more relaxed about THC than Germany. However, this is also the problem: If you want to buy a CBD oil from Holland at a lower price, you have to make sure that the manufacturer complies with the THC limit valid in Germany and that compliance is strictly monitored.

Factors such as delivery time and shipping costs should also be taken into account. A reputable supplier will also always provide you with support, which you can reach quickly in case of complaints or problems.

Buy CBD oil cheap on the internet

If you find yourself ordering CBD oil from dubious suppliers on the net, your CBD oil could either contain hardly any CBD or too much THC, or it could even be both. If you're less of a fan of this kind of excitement, we recommend buying CBD oil from a trusted manufacturer. If you don't want to get a nasty surprise and buy a pig in a poke, you're definitely on the safe side with VAAY.

Is there possibly a way to get high-quality, yet affordable CBD oil after all? There might actually be an option: Look for it in the sale at the CBD retailer you trust. At VAAY, for example, we offer reduced products at regular intervals, where you can make a real bargain.

If you are already convinced of a CBD product, multiple packs could also help you to purchase a premium product that won't tear a hole in your wallet.

For example, we always offer special deals on our CBD cosmetics or our CBD vaporizers. But even when buying CBD capsules, you can come across a good deal with a little luck.

Buy CBD oil offers

If you want to buy CBD oil at a low price, you might find a deal on our Sport Gel or our popular Bath Bomb.

The Sport CBD Gel pampers you, but also offers a cooling effect via menthol. This makes it perfect for your cool-down routine after a workout and can also support regeneration. So that you are quickly fit again as ever, even after top sporting performances.

The CBD bath bomb is another of our bestsellers, which you can get from time to time even cheaper through our offers. Alone with its real lavender flowers, it is already an absolute highlight, but then bubbles in the warm bath water in addition to its nourishing shea cocoa butter core with 100 milligrams of CBD free. We have fallen head over heels for the bath ball in any case. Not only is it perfect for giving as a gift to others, but it's also great for when you want to treat yourself to a relaxing evening.

CBD Offers: CBD Vaporizer

We offer our vaporizers in four different flavors: Mint, Lemon, Fruit and Herbal. No matter which of the flavors you choose: When it comes to the effect of CBD vaporizers, they are the undisputed number one in terms of speed. So, by inhaling, you could practically feel some of the effect immediately. However, CBD vapers are also ideal for your after-work ritual to unwind or for a social evening with friends.

If you want to buy CBD capsules, you have the choice between two variants: In addition to the conventional CBD capsules, we also offer CBD capsules plus melatonin for a particularly good sleep. Both, of course, have their practical application in common.

And with the CBD Gummies you can also benefit from one of our 3-for-2 specials - and if you want to buy CBD at a low price, but didn't find what you were looking for this time, we would be happy if you would visit us again soon. The next sale is coming for sure.