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Hemp food supplement

Genieße die VAAY Hanf Nahrungsergänzungsmittel. Ganz gleich ob VAAY Vitamin Haf Gummies, Hanf Melatonin Spray oder Hanfkapseln

Find all VAAY hemp food supplements. Our hemp food supplements only contain full-spectrum hemp extract grown in the EU.

What kind of CBD supplements are available?

Here you will find a handpicked selection of CBD supplements. So there is something for every demand and taste. Do you want to buy CBD oil or CBD capsules - or are you unsure whether the gummies or a CBD tea are the right thing? Find out the answer here.

How can CBD supplements work?

The basis for the potential effect of CBD is our endocannabinoid system. In plain language, this means that we humans, like all other vertebrates, are able to produce cannabinoids ourselves. This means that we can also process CBD as an herbal cannabinoid. Many users describe feeling more relaxed with CBD. However, exactly how it ultimately feels can be different for everyone.

How CBD supplements differ in their effect.

Different CBD supplements differ in the speed and duration of their effect - a point that is closely linked to the so-called bioavailability of CBD.

Thus, not all CBD is the same: depending on the dosage form, it may take shorter or longer for it to unfold its potential effect.

With CBD oil, the effect of CBD can start after as little as 15 minutes and last up to 6 hours. With CBD capsules, it can take 30 minutes to 2 hours before an effect becomes noticeable. But this can last up to 8 hours - about a whole working day.

CBD capsules also have the advantage of having a neutral taste. Those who do not like the characteristic taste of CBD, could be well advised here.

Where should I buy CBD supplements?

With all CBD products - no matter if it's CBD cosmetics or dietary supplements like CBD oil - it's crucial that you buy products from trustworthy manufacturers.

Among other things, you can recognize these by the fact that the hemp comes from controlled commercial hemp cultivation. It can become problematic if the production takes place from hemp varieties that exceed the maximum permitted THC content and are therefore not legal in Germany.

What other ways are there to use CBD?

Of course, there are other ways to take CBD besides CBD supplements. With the CBD Vaper, for example, you can ensure a maximum fast effect and treat yourself to a conscious relaxation break or simply celebrate the moment.

You can use CBD not only internally, but also externally. For example, our CBD cosmetics include our CBD gel for regeneration after sports and the CBD bath bomb for a soothing full bath.