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Can I give my pet CBD?

22/08/2022 9 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
22/08/2022 9 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler


As with any pet wellness trend, there is a lot of information on the Internet and the CBD oil for animals. Here, unfortunately, a lot of nonsense is told. We clear on what we know about CBD for animals and what it's all about. Basically, CBD can be used for each animal, but most often it is in dogs, cats, horses and rabbits used notably for pain in cancer, neurological disorders, to reduce stress, to coping with anxiety and for inflammatory diseases. The following article explains what has to be considered on pets in the administration of CBD.

At a glance: CBD for pets

  1. What's CBD for animals?
  2. What effect does CBD oil in animals?
  3. Is CBD for animals safe?
  4. Which animals can occupy CBD and why?
  5. CBD oil for dogs
  6. CBD oil for cats
  7. CBD oil for horses
  8. CBD oil for rabbits
  9. Are there side effects?
  10. Conclusion: CBD and animals

    What's CBD for animals?

    CBD belongs together with THC to the two most common and used for medical purposes ingredients of the cannabis plant, in so far already have 500 substances were identified code. Both belong to a particular class of plant compounds known as " cannabinoids "are called. The difference between these two materials is as follows: THC produces the psychoactive "high", which in humans  euphoria and relaxation caused and reduces depression and anxiety. In this high CBD does not occur, but it has other psychoactive effects. So it acts as antipsychotic, anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and antidepressant. Since animals like humans have exactly a so-called endocannabinoid system, CBD also works on animals and is accordingly differently marketed. For researchers, it would be a dream if the results from animals to humans would simply be transferred, but the Sun does not work. Often animal products are added also useful vitamins and trace elements.

    What effect has CBD oil in animals? The endogenous cannabinoid system, also called endocannabinoid system (ECS), is part of the nervous system that occurs in animals and in humans. "Endo" means here that there is an endogenous system. The ECS has endogenous cannabinoids, that endocannabinoids that dock to various distributed over the body receptors. The cannabinoid receptors are found in various organs: the nervous, respiratory, circulatory up to the digestive system. Ideally, a body can produce all the necessary endocannabinoids itself. But in diseases, a lack of endocannabinoid neurotransmitters can arise quickly. Here cannabis comes into play: The Phytocannabinoids contained therein mimic the action of the body's own endocannabinoids affect certain receptors and thus have an excellent therapeutic potential: You can anti-inflammatory, reducing nausea, cramps and pain-reducing effect. Is CBD safe for animals?

    The short answer is that we do not know for sure. Research into the mode of action of THC and CBD infected overall still in its infancy - and thus the study of their potential benefits for animals - but there are always carried out more studies on this. So far there are only few studies code that have been specifically studied the safety of CBD for certain pets. So far, the majority of animal tests to CBD were conducted in mice and rats. at least initial conclusions can be drawn for other animals from the studies. In general, it seems like in humans to be safe to use, but there is still no general dosage instructions for animals. So if you want to give your pet CBD and questions or concerns, turn away first at your veterinarian.

    What animals can occupy CBD and why?

     In theory, can take all the animals CBD, particularly frequent use, however, in dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. CBD can even be administered as drops under the tongue via the feed or treats for horses as a liniment for the gums and in rabbits. 

    CBD oil for dogs

    dogs throughout the body cannabinoid receptors. What experiences have dogs with CBD oil? CBD-oil supplements help them, among other things for pain (for example, arthritis) code and , relieve inflammation, epilepsy code, fears (eg separation anxiety) and nausea, insomnia and stimulate the appetite. Since CBD is not psychoactive effect, you need to have no fear that your dog in any form "high". Note: Give your pet never THC-containing products ! Animals are very sensitive to THC and some have died after eating mixed with cannabis products.

    Unfortunately, there are very few studies that provide a clear dosage instructions, which makes it difficult to make recommendations. Pets can not tell when they have ingested enough to relieve pain, for example, us. So watch your pet closely. It should quickly set a positive effect. Since we only a few studies are available with regard to the dosing instructions, we often have no choice but to be guided by the species-specific dosage recommendations of the manufacturer. Pets can show individual improvements, such as less anxiety in a thunderstorm in different ways.

    Eighth when choosing a CBD product to respectability. Do not buy products with unclear statements or exaggerated promises on the label or without contact. On the product should be stated that it is intended for dogs or cats (and not to humans). In addition, an indication of the strength of the formulation, the recommended dosage and a telephone number or website should be given for more information. Watch out for a certificate of analysis. Thus the manufacturer confirms that his product is not contaminated and has a certain concentration of active ingredients. Some studies with dogs pointed to elevated liver values down, so should a dog with no liver damage CBD received.

    CBD oil for cats

    Of course have cats endocannabinoid system. What experiences have cats with CBD oil? It is not unreasonable that CBD may also have them just as positive with things like anxiety, stress, inflammation and pain effects, as with humans. And indeed, there is much anecdotal evidence, for example, stories of "unstreichelbaren" cats that turn into real cuddly cats or cats with arthritis, moving back as a young cat. Nevertheless, there is no 100 percent security, as there are still too few studies on this issue, you have to rely on other articles and studies on dogs and other animals. In general seem CBD products, if they come from a reputable manufacturer, safe code for cats.

    Studies suggest that CBD inflammation decrease and thus can reduce chronic pain. Researchers at the Cornell University found that CBD oil excellent is suitable for treating pain because it blocks a specific receptor so that it can not be activated. CBD is also an excellent neuroprotectant, it therefore wonderful for treating neurological disorders such as seizures and epilepsy are used. According to some manufacturers CBD can be used in cats against anxiety, arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease as well as to increase the general well-being. Due to the sparse study situation there are no uniform dosage recommendations, so you should always use the lowest possible dose to start (best 2 mg per 4.5 kg body weight) and gradually adjust the dosage as needed. Some cats owners have reported drowsiness and stomach problems at high doses.

    Especially true in cats, because they are particularly sensitive to drugs and toxins: Quality is the most important! Buy only THC-free products from reputable manufacturers.

    CBD oil for horses

    For the purposes of CBD in horses, there are also a few studies, but that will soon change, as more and more companies sell CBD for horses. So far, the anecdotal case reports are very positive. According horse owners CBD seems just on the endocannabinoid system to work horses as in humans. It is well tolerated, with no euphoria or adverse effects. can improve specific diseases CBD in horses include: pain caused by arthritis or laminitis, anxiety during stabling, stress during travel and exhibitions, ulcers and leaky gut, healing after surgery or injury, depression of the immune system by oxidative stress in Cushing's syndrome, appetite regulation, obesity, inflammation and insulin resistance.

    Since horses often participate in competitions code, here are considered special rules. The FEI and the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) have strict rules regarding medication of horses before events. the USEF recently announced that positive as of September 1, 2019 test results for cannabinoids are considered a violation. As is mainly tested here but on THC in the blood or urine, a positive test result is very unlikely, as CBD products contain only tiny amounts of THC. Nevertheless, positive test results are not excluded, therefore, is a recommendation of the manufacturer that the administration should be adjusted seven to 10 days before an event.

    never comes up with the idea to give a product that not using good manufacturing practices (cGMP) was prepared or not for each batch of oil analysis certificates can boast of a third laboratory:

    As with dogs and cats also applies to horses! Always check whether the companies a proven track record and - most importantly - experience has with animals. Several studies have been where commercially available CBD products tested have shown that many did not contain the claimed dosage and a surprisingly high percentage was only Hemp cooking oil.

    For horses you should look for a product with high potency are looking for. Higher potency means between 20 mg / ml and 60 mg / ml. A bottle containing 20 mg / ml CBD contains 30 ml, thus potentially 30 portions, if your horse responsive to the low dose. Higher potencies provide more room for experimentation to the ideal dosage for your horse to find. In a survey conducted in the US study found that a dose of 50 mg in severe lameness, mild to moderate acute laminitis and the metabolic syndrome of the horse was more reliable effect. Most CBD products are recommended for twice-daily dosing, but, surprisingly, spoke some horses even when only single administration good. But beware! always start with the lowest dose, your pet watch carefully and increase the dose if necessary only in mini steps.

    CBD oil for rabbits

    Also, the use of CBD for rabbits, the research is still very new, so it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions about the long-term effects. However, most studies have been small mammals such as rabbits, performed, so we pretty sure may be that the current literature is correct. So far, there is little to no side effects at a dose fair administration of CBD. But beware! THC is toxic to rabbits! So

    always ensures that the administered products do not contain THC.

    Although it is a relatively new product, CBD is already promising health benefits of rabbits. petlovers, an online community of pet lovers, writes to CBD in rabbits code: It can reduce joint pain and even the most timid rabbit relief gain. It is also useful for the treatment of epilepsy, other mood problems and to combat the negative effects of aging.

    Unfortunately, can not communicate if they are in pain our rabbits. However, any pet owner knows the telltale signs of pain: limping, lack of exercise or turning back when touched. Whether it is by jumping around or pain due to acute injury to regular pain, CBD oils can help.

    The regular administration of CBD reduces the frequency and intensity of seizures . Studies in rats confirm this code because CBD interacts with neurotransmitter that slows brain activity. 

     rabbits are active and curious animals, but may also have anxiety and even  depression. Mood disorders are just as real in rabbits as in humans. The intake of CBD supports natural mood regulation as report some pet lovers. By controlling the hormonal balance in the rabbit brain CBD and the endocannabinoid system could help your rabbits well to stress, changes in the environment or simply responding loneliness. 

    Unfortunately, there are no generally recommended dose for rabbits. recommend holistic veterinary surgeons to begin with a few drops a few times a day to see how your rabbit responds. It is advisable to always start with the lowest possible dose and adjust the dose up while you're watching exactly how your rabbit responds. As a rule of body weight can be started at a dose of 0.25 mg per kilogram. You can then observed quickly that your animal more relaxed after taking CBD and is less excited. In rare cases, your rabbit slight negative effects such as diarrhea, drowsiness, and stomach upset experienced.

    As with all other pets should even with CBD products for rabbits Quality First place standing. Use only the purest, THC-free organic products and buy only well-known manufacturers with certificates of analysis of third laboratories.

    Are there any side effects?

    Unlike other drugs are relatively CBD have been few Side effects known and then only at very high doses. CBD could cause increases in liver, is in animals with Lebervorerkrankungen therefore advised to increased caution or discouraged by the administration of CBD Produkuten. However, the following situations may occur: increased level of fatigue and sudden exhaustion, uncharacteristic fatigue in daily activities, drowsiness and loss of muscle control, reduction in paw-eye coordination, increased thirst, as CBD can reduce saliva production, slowed heart rate and blood pressure drop when the effect of CBD-product used and the body calms down.

    In general, CBD products can cause that sleepy than usual feel your pet. This may mean that you should give a lower dose him next time. Even if does not feel particularly anxious, restless or sick your pet on a certain day, the CBD product will have a stronger and make it even more tired. It is a process of trial and error, but on the whole the unwanted side effects subside usually after weaning. Speak before use of CBD best desired with veterinarians about the effects and side effects.

    One can not repeat often enough: Give your pet never THC-containing products because THC for pets is toxic and can cause serious side effects to death


    Conclusion: CBD and animals

    So what is the key message? Studies have shown that, if at all, only a few side effects when properly dosed. Unfortunately, there are no set guidelines for the right dosage, but you can work best for your pet appropriate dosage by gradually groping easily find out.

    The most important aspect CBD products is quality. testing exactly the ingredients of the product that you want to administer and pay attention to the seriousness of the manufacturer. So CBD products can be largely safe and low-risk use -. for humans and animals

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