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Sleep better: Your 101 for healthy sleep

30/03/2021 6 MIN. READ Mirko Berger
30/03/2021 6 MIN. READ Mirko Berger

Whether you morning, noon or evening reading this text: We hope you have slept well today - honestly. After waking up well rested, is a luxury we all deserve.

We are not machines that run all day at peak performance and then can just flip the switch; Luckily. but it's enough to consider a few simple points to help you improve your sleep and so most can get out day and night. And all this without you tear a leg for it.

So you need this, do not dig your way through a bunch of studies that we have taken for you and you put together a clear 3-point guide. With everything you need to know to help the day and night at a good sheep.

first What does your diet have to do with good sleep

Sleep better with magnesium?

Magnesium: What the athletes know as the Holy Grail among us against cramps, also has some other talents. Indeed, it is no less than 600 cell responses involved in your body. Among other things, there are indications that it might leave you mentally quasi also loosen up: According to a study, it reduced significantly perhaps concentration of the stress hormone cortisol in the blood.

The findings of another study suggest that you reduce the intake of magnesium mental stress could. Maybe you can find it faster to sleep and can then longer and href=""> sleep better.

Instead of using a supplement, you can also make sure in a very natural way an adequate intake of magnesium. For this purpose, it should be enough to drink enough water and to take magnesium-rich foods such as green vegetables, nuts and untreated (or enriched) grains to you.

oral magnesium you should really only if you are suffering from magnesium deficiency, according to laboratory findings. And even then, it is true, the recommended daily intake of 250 mg not to exceed.

caffeine and alcohol: In moderation, rather than en masse

Do you know these people that the evening times on down 'just three espressos and then sleep like a baby? If you're one of them, you can safely skip this paragraph. And in the meantime we try to recognize your nighttime coffee consumption at this point quite ungrudgingly.

All others who sometimes even shaky hands because caffeine surplus had - been there, done that - should try to refrain in the last hours before bedtime on the wonderful hot beverage. While coffee can basically act differently each time, scientists recommend in terms of the sleep hygiene in the six hours before going to bed no more.

You do not want to completely give up your pick-me? Then you put the best a fixed time for the last coffee of the day. And also celebrates him really. In the sun, if any, and exactly as you drink it the most.

Would you have thought that
cannabis and coffee longer have in common:

And while we are doing than you think? What is it, you experience .

Last but not least, we need to talk: about alcohol. Strictly speaking, of course, is not part of the subject of alcohol for the daily "diet", let's hope. On the other hand, its effect is then not entirely irrelevant to our bodies.

While we so asleep faster and maybe even have a deeper sleep in the first half of the night, he can in the second half for a pretty restless night's sleep care. Moreover, its use mess up your sleep phases.

If you sleep poorly, you could, and last of the beer or a glass of vino omit - not just your liver, but also your sleep will thank you


Midnight Snack: Yes or no


After the meal you shall rest or do 1,000 steps? The first works in midday coma felt better than in the evening. Researchers found evidence that people ate the 30-60 minutes before sleep, compared to those who did it four hours earlier, longer to falling asleep required code.

Especially on heavy, high-fat foods you should forego late hours earlier. The duration of your REM sleep could in fact reduce, according to the study. However, standing here, more studies. It is unclear as to whether the deterioration of sleep may not be related to a possibly increased number of total calories consumed.

Currently, it looks but look as if you should move your sleep sake on the day your Cheat Meal.

diet for better sleep, short and sweet:

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