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Our quality promise

19/02/2020 2 MIN. READ Katharina Schweigert
19/02/2020 2 MIN. READ Katharina Schweigert

Whether you hemp capsules CBD Pens or CBD oil buy want, - the importance of quality! Our products not only consist of natural extracts, cannabinoids and terpenes, but are subject to our highest quality . So we are working with developers, biologists, physicians and researchers to make the best of high quality active ingredients for you.

We use exclusively in the EU grown hemp extracts and let all our products regularly at the accredited TÜV lab to analyze. So you can relax your days start with VAAY, we publish our TÜV analysis values and show you the high quality of our products.

At a glance! Our TÜV Süd Certificates of Analysis:

CBD oral spray 5%

CBD mouth spray 10%

VAAY Night melatonin drops with hemp extract

VAAY Liposomal hemp extract capsules 20 mg

VAAY Sport Gel

Badekugel Relax Lavender

CBD diffuser Pen

VAAY Hemp Gummies We check our CBD products heavy metals, pesticides, gluten and microbiological contaminants and thereby ensure natural and pollution-free products. Of particular importance to us is also that all products are free THC. Our analysis values indicate this clearly on that nutrition limit is 0.01%.

In addition, we reached our formulation a special composition of cannabinoids, terpenes, melatonin, vitamins and minerals.

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