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Does CBD work on the skin?

18/08/2022 7 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
18/08/2022 7 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

It is known that the skin in terms of area the largest organ of the human body. And functionally it is the most versatile organ - whether as H├╝llorgan, whether in metabolism, in heat regulation of the body or sensory perception (keyword surface sensitivity)


Our skin has therefore to be busy. For this they must be maintained and even if it is affected by skin diseases are treated accordingly. In both areas, the CBD can contribute. Due to the cannabinoid receptors the human body, which also exist on the skin, CBD can be well received , For which skin care and skin diseases which may have advantages and how it affects - all of which we explain in the article. Up close you go now going on.

shot of CBD through the skin

As a preliminary remark it can be said that this be added directly to the skin applied ingredients such as CBD can and therefore almost completely be absorbed. This is in contrast to the CBD, which is taken as capsules or otherwise and only through the esophagus, gastrointestinal tract, etc. must go before it gets to where it hinsoll. So if you cosmetics (eg., Gel or massage oil) or CBD oil auftr├Ągst to the skin, it exerts its effect relatively quickly.

Another way to make CBD

come directly to the skin, is a spa : When swimming bullet or bath bomb, the CBD is absorbed through the skin and also bestows the soul a feeling of wellness. The muscles relax, the stress level decreases and the pleasant scent acts as aromatherapy. As we show in this article, there are CBD products for the bathroom with the effect described here both for the morning bath and for the evening bath. The bath bomb is in fact a product that is both morning and evening can be applied. Noon also.

As mentioned earlier, CBD cosmetics is recorded both as a muscle-gel and in the bath bomb through the skin. From there, it enters the body's absorption system for cannabinoids, called endocannabinoid : Our body has namely body's receptors for that affect mood, appetite, pain experience, etc. cannabinoids.

Also in the skin is one of the receptors endocannabinoid system (or ECS). Studies show that the skin's own ECS plays a significant role in skin health. the body's endocannabinoid system gets out of balance, can be devastating for both the skin itself as well as other organs, because the skin is in a sense the "border police" of the body's first line of defense against harmful influences from outside. In such a case, the skin can be helped for skin with CBD products to make their balance.

skincare with CBD

The skin needs essential fatty acids present in the CBD in a balanced relationship. " He cites the example of omega-3 fatty acids, various vitamins and minerals.

vitamin D we should mention separately here: It is well known vitamin D is added to the skin among other things, solar radiation and has an important part in many bodily functions in bone structure and the immune system. If you lack vitamin D, you can do it together with CBD in our hemp Vitamin D Spray take - and do you thus doubly good


As we see, CBD can be a wellness product for the skin: It has a variety of nourishing properties. Among other things, it nourishes the skin, protects the skin, can act antioxidantisch and inhibit the production of sebum.

Our CBD cosmetic products can protect your skin and maintain, either with the CBD massage oil ginger essence, whether as part of a CBD bath bomb with lavender scent, be it contains after exercise with the VAAY Sportgel, the fragrant essential oils and terpenes, or - and we offer - with the CBD mouth spray, which are absorbed through the oral mucosa can. What do all these CBD Skin beauty products VAAY common? They are scientifically tested, developed by scientists and researchers and tested by independent laboratories. Guaranteed .

help with skin diseases with CBD

CBD is able to make not only a cosmetic and wellness product skin a delight. presentation of Nova Institute for Ecology and Innovation, along with the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) Ruethen lists a number of diseases, are eligible for the cannabinoids CBD in general and in particular for use. This also does not include a few skin diseases in which CBD may tend to have a healing or at least helping effect. Basically, one can distinguish skin diseases between two ways: First, there is widespread diseases, which, however, can be unpleasant very common and relatively harmless nonetheless very much. On the other hand, there are chronic skin diseases that rarely occur, but a greater impact on health than the common diseases. Against both types of skin diseases CBD can be used. But you should consult before using your health care provider.

Widespread skin diseases and CBD

Let's talk about the common diseases, the first category of skin diseases. Here is an clinical study found the medical faculty of the University of Modena (Italy) to the conclusion that CBD without THC a safe and effective alternative to traditional methods of conventional medicine is that the quality of life of patients , improve skin problems, especially inflammation. Now let's look at a few specific Widespread skin diseases and can as CBD as potentially help.

Acne is a collective term for diseases of the sebaceous glands apparatus which produce at the beginning of blackheads that are not flammable. Later, however, so-called inflammatory lesions may occur. Popularly they are known as pimples. Depending on the cause, age and severity, there are a number of different forms of acne, the most common is in puberty. This can then make the parents much stress especially if their children are bullied because of it. But can aged acne come. Can CBD be effective in the treatment of acne? The above-linked study answered this question with "yes" (but there are other opinions refer to the research): you have observed in the treatment of patients with acne growth and anti-inflammatory effects. This is particularly good news because the best known acne treatment of conventional medicine is done with isotretinoin, which in contrast to the CBD very serious side effects could have.

There are a number of common skin diseases, with most associated with inflammation. The names of diseases ranging from the little-known keratosis pilaris up to the very wide-spread world dermatitis, according to a global study 2015, more than 245 million people affected (ie about 3% of world population). study the "Medical University of Bialystok" of 2019 came to the conclusion that CBD both an anti -inflammatorische and antioxidant power have, which can be very helpful in treating these diseases. How exactly is the displayed graphic in the study

 CBD can have a positive effect on dry skin and wrinkles - like a  women's magazine realized CBD is said to have a beneficial effect against both wrinkles and dry skin. This is because it is rapidly absorbed by the skin and moisturizes what they regenerated (the skin). can our cosmetic products therefore a very good anti-aging solution be so used to skin care. must be also added here that not only weather and circumstances cause of dry skin, wrinkles, etc.. Often it is the stress and also against him, there are many articles that CBD products award a healing effect.

Chronic skin diseases and CBD

How does it look with chronic skin diseases? As we push anticipate that it is important to contact your doctor. Only if the doctor does not object to combine the treatment with CBD, you can add it.

There is, for example, psoriasis or psoriasis . It is a chronic and inflammatory (but not contagious) autoimmune disease of the skin which, although treated, but in the current situation can not be cured of medicine. However, the symptoms can be alleviated. An article in an American online health magazine are cautious grounds for optimism in the involvement of CBD in treatment of psoriasis: So was watching the inflammation- and pain-relieving effect of CBD in some studies. An article study mentioned came to the conclusion that CBD and is not only safe effective, but also the quality of life had improved the patients. Here it must smashed what a doctor says the magazine, namely that these studies indeed very encouraging were, but had no diagnostic value.

Rheumatism is similar to psoriasis also an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the body's own tissues, such as NDR Health has compiled . The result is often very painful joint inflammation. The NDR is recommended for the treatment of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory diet. As research shows, CBD has this potential - not on its own as a dietary supplement, but, because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. This conclusion was also a recent academic article , but the set limiting clear that it requires further investigation.

Even with eczema , an inflammatory but non-infectious skin disease in bursts of very intense itching and dry skin occurs, it is an autoimmune disease. Again, there are indications that CBD part may help in the treatment process.

About skin diseases and CBD

For centuries and millennia CBD is used to treat various diseases, whether others in traditional Chinese medicine or naturopathy of ancient peoples. Also used to treat skin diseases with CBD, there are reports.

 However plugged modern research on this subject is still in its infancy. While there was a greater  study on cannabinoids and  Dermatology 2017 in America. This is, however, the exception that proves the rule: In the medical use of CBD against skin diseases (and other diseases) you need to very be careful and advise you in any case with your health care provider. This is not due to the alleged harmful effects of CBD, but to the too small number of clinical studies. 

As for the cosmetic use of CBD , but there is so far no evidence of adverse side effects: CBD cosmetics can your skin help regenerate, relax, get moisture extracted again and spoil them. Our products are scientifically tested and meet the highest quality standards.

Summary: CBD gets under your skin - and helps

As we have seen, CBD can be best absorbed by the skin (compared to oral ingestion) since it is then completely absorbed. It has both a soothing and at least tend to the healing process supportive effect: In the spa you can use it in the bath or apply before going to bed on the skin. They regenerate it and less dry. CBD but also promised a medically nutzvolle effect (along with means of conventional medicine), it was harmless at, but very unpleasant common diseases such as acne, inflammation and dry skin, except for chronic and serious diseases such as psoriasis, rheumatism and even worse diseases. It is advisable, of course, to consult in advance with a health care provider.

In summary, that CBD gets under your skin - and helps her. This also applies to our products .

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