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When the skin reflects the soul

25/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
25/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

Unfortunately, it's still January and there are hardly any people out there right now, grinning and jumping for joy on the sidewalk. It is still winter and our soul is suffering. The vernacular says so well that the skin is a mirror of our soul. Sounds pretty spiritual at first, but yes, there is a lot of truth to it!

It's not just our faces that tell us whether we're happy or sad, whether we've slept well or not, whether we're in an easy mood or terribly stressed: "Man, you don't look good at all!" is just one of the phrases that are reflected in it.

Bad Mood, bad Skin

But not only the face, also the body skin is influenced by our psyche and mental contentment. Neurodermatitis due to too much stress, urticaria (= hives) as a result of suppressed frustration, - a large number of skin diseases have psychological causes. A new European study has shown that almost every third skin disease can also be traced back to psychological problems. So skin rash caused by stress is not a rarity, on the contrary: often our state of mind and health is the first thing to show on our skin.

But: If your skin is stressed and it is actually a mirror of your soul, do you have to fear for your "salvation"? Of course not! We give you tips and explain how you can escape skin stress. But more about that later. Before that, a little digression to show how our psyche interacts with our skin.

How does our skin know that we are unwell?

Our skin and our central nervous system originate from the same cell tissue. Psychological stresses such as anger, fear or stress therefore have a direct effect on the skin via hormonal changes, as most skin cells react particularly sensitively to stress hormones. These messenger substances constrict the blood vessels, the tissue is less well supplied with blood and the skin becomes less resistant. In addition, stress hormones have been shown to increase inflammation, which makes itching or rashes even worse! Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that reducing stress levels can have a positive impact on skin health, both for chronic and acute irritations. And that's where CBD (cannabidiol) comes in, because CBD can help us relax and have a positive effect on our skin. 

Don't let yourself (and your skin) get stressed out!

Our skin has a lot to endure. Not only our internal stresses, but it is also permanently exposed to external influences. Not only our psyche, but also the winter blues (keyword: "Blue Monday"), hardly any sun and winter temperatures have negative influences on our largest organ. Bad mood, little fresh air and little affection from our central star let our skin suffer. It becomes sallow, dry and sad. In summer, however, it is often just as stressful for our skin.

So we should care for and love (!) our skin and give it plenty of attention accordingly. CBD can help with this. Through the cannabinoid receptors in the human body, which are also present on the skin, CBD can be absorbed well, for example with the help of our CBD BODY CREAM, our CBD GEL or our CBD SKIN AND MASSAGE OIL.

We recommend relaxation techniques such as meditation, PME (Progressive Muscle Relaxation), but especially daily routines - so-called "me-time" - to reduce the personal feeling of permanent stress. Our CBD BODY CREAM is ideal for this purpose. It works for any skin type, is dermatologically tested and can be used anywhere on the skin. Its nourishing properties help your skin out of the winter blues, making it soft and supple. On top of that, the natural CBD can provide you with that little ounce of relaxation that is crucial for skin health. Read more about CBD and stress here.

Less stress for your skin: our #RELAX tips.

Less stress at the office

Warm sugar: A cup of cocoa boosts the release of the happy hormone serotonin. So go for it.

Noise cancelling: put on headphones. It's a clear signal that you're in the tunnel and need your rest.

More focus:Turn off your phone and Slack messages. This will help you get important tasks done without interruptions and reduce stress.

Me-Time 1: Schedule your evening off. After work is before housecleaning? Make a conscious decision to do just one activity in the evening. Save the rest for the weekend.

Comfort first: Feel free and wear comfortable clothes that you feel good in, even in the office. That way you won't feel unnecessarily constricted in stressful situations.

Less stress in the home office

Be prepared: Lay out your outfit for the next day in the evening so you don't have to make time-consuming decisions in the morning.

Take your time: Celebrate breakfast and take your time preparing the kids' school lunches or your own packed lunch.

Sleep well: A lavender pillow on the nightstand or one of our soothing sleep products can promote sleep and relaxation.

Me-Time 2: Schedule one evening a week just for yourself, your hobby, your partner or your friends.

Smile: Make faces. This not only relaxes your facial muscles, but also makes others smile.

Less Stress, Better Skin

A big part of our problems often lies in the demands we place on ourselves without asking, "Does it have to be this way?!" But one thing is for sure: if you're less stressed and happier with yourself, you'll radiate that and look as beautiful on the outside as you feel. You can also do something good for your skin every day with our VAAY BODY CREAM with CBD, edelweiss, evening primrose oil and squalane. And not only in winter.

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