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CBD for pain

18/08/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
18/08/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

Have you ever burned yourself on a baking tray, you pitched your knee or for a long time again this nasty twinge in your lower back? Ouch. Pain we have all experienced in one way or another way. If the pain becomes chronic, can the enormous impact on our quality of life and strong drugs seem to be the only way out. But most are not without side effects. More pain. A vicious circle.

If you want to return ibuprofen and acetaminophen the back or try it with a combination of conventional medicine and natural ingredients, could be dedicated to naturopathy. Many medicinal herbs are used in pain therapy already in use, and also from cannabidiol (CBD) is in the context of the increasingly Speech. Let's see whether and how to show the use of CBD oil for pain effect.

What pain there at all?

There are two types of pain: acute pain become noticeable when a physical failure, a disease or a defect exists. They are a warning signal of the body and extremely useful as they provide protection and an undisturbed healing process : So will you when you broke your foot, probably take a marathon and perform any gardening with burnt fingers.

While acute pain a few days to weeks to stop, one speaks in pain lasting longer than three months, chronic pain. In that case, the pain is increasingly developing into an independent clinical picture. Here, the pain memory is used: The body forgets literally, as it was without pain. Are these pains and so useful? On the contrary: They are formed by a malfunction of the nervous system and interested parties to restrict enormously


What causes pain?

Our nervous system is responsible for the sensation of pain. This consists of innumerable sensory cells that pain stimuli - for example, heat or pressure - perceive and conduct as signals to the spinal cord. The spinal cord processes the stimuli and forms reflexes: Remember, for example, because your hand fast how quickly into the air, if you understood on a hot stove. The signal is also transmitted to the brain, where it is stored as unpleasant sensation.

Also an active role in pain processing plays the  endocannabinoid system , which consists of cannabinoid receptors - CB1 - and CB2 receptors - and endocannabinoids is. The latter are endogenous messenger substances (endo produced by the body), which bind to the corresponding receptors and activate them. This process has among other impact on the regulation of inflammation and pain. The endocannabinoid system so avoids excessive sensitivity to pain. It is even said that people with a higher number of endocannabinoids less pain medication than people with less need endocannabinoids.

What to do with chronic pain?

If you are three months longer have to deal with pain you as, action is needed. The pain depends on the cause, but because these are mostly unclear in chronic pain, it can take up to an appropriate therapy place. Indeed have surveys give that more than half of the people in Europe who suffer from chronic back pain have to wait at least two years for the right treatment.

So ... wait and see?

Treatment of chronic pain usually starts with classic painkillers, which interrupt the pain transmission. The medication may eventually lead to severe side effects, however, since the organs detoxify the body and have to reduce the chemical preparations. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) indicates that the combination of different therapeutic approaches can be very effective for people with chronic pain. have so if you wait and do not feel like drinking tea, a combination with CBD can relieve pain be worth a try.


(How) CBD oil for pain help?

CBD is an exogenous cannabinoid and sets as well as the endogenous cannabinoids am an endocannabinoid system. Although its binding force is less, but it inhibits enzymes responsible for the breakdown of the body's own endocannabinoids. Characterized the mirror increases of endogenous cannabinoids in the body, the brake by the stimulation of the cannabinoid receptors pain transmission. This suggests that the use of CBD effect could point to pain.

The science says to CBD in pain

Whether CBD oil pain can really deal with, can not be assessed from a scientific perspective. However, some studies suggest that CBD pain could have a positive influence. In an animal model study rodents CBD was administered for pain. Then chronic pain was significantly suppressed. Another study suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory and analgesic for arthritis. But this assumption is based on a study using rats .

There were also conducted human studies that showed loud NCCIH that taking of CBD for pain effect was , but the improvement did not reach statistical significance. The German Medical Association  summarizes that "[justified in chronic (...) pain, a therapeutic trial with cannabinoids ] when other treatment strategies have been unsuccessful. "

Every person is different, and the effect of natural active ingredients is influenced by various factors, such as Gender, body weight or the genes. While there is not enough scientific evidence to action of CBD, but users repeatedly report positive effects. Try including CBD cosmetics into your rituals: For example, as part of a  relaxed evening  or during your morning routine . A try, it is all worth it.

Do not forget to CBD that by its high efficiency complementary distinguished - if you buy so CBD oil want to treat pain treat it combine best with other forms of therapy.

CBD for pain - the essentials at a glance:

  • A distinction between acute and chronic pain.
  • Chronic pain caused by nerve damage (= pain memory), and last longer than three months.
  • pain caused by the transmission of pain stimuli to the central nervous system where the signals are stored as an unpleasant sensation.
  • pain are regulated by endocannabinoids bind to corresponding receptors.
  • The exogenous cannabinoid CBD provides increased endocannabinoid levels in the body. Therefore it is believed that the use of CBD oil for pain can be effective.
  • Whether CBD can treat pain is not yet scientifically proven.


    What pain CBD effect can show?

     You can try to use CBD for back pain, arthritis, menstrual pain and migraine. positive effects of cannabinoids are also   for epilepsy, headaches and chronic inflammatory bowel disease described. 

    What CBD oil can I use for pain?

    Our CBD oil 10 percent perfect on the road and contains a high proportion of CBD, as well as the quality MCT oil from coconut, which is known for its positive effects on body and mind. If you wish to apply CBD back pain or muscle tension, we recommend our massage oil . During extended  sports massage  maximum pampering is guaranteed!

    How should I use CBD oil at a pain?

    Generally valid application recommendations do not exist for the dosage of CBD. Here you'll find tips that you can help find your ideal amount.

    How fast is CBD an effect in pain?

    CBD is not a drug but a natural remedy. How fast and how long CBD acts , is therefore different from person to person. Perhaps you notice an immediate improvement, it may take several weeks. Be patient and pay attention to regular use. So CBD can develop its full effect and you can find out whether and how fast does with you CBD oil for pain.
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