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CBD & Co - Natural helpers against seasonal allergies

18/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann
18/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann

Spring is here! (How long we have been waiting to finally write this sentence?)

For some pure bliss - for other awake next to the nature and annually recurring pests: allergies. And yes, mosquitoes then there's probably soon, but in order that we take care of you later.

As they arise is simple: pathogens are aerosols play, mostly pollen from grasses and trees. In hay fever hence the term or from a pollen allergy who it fancy like from a seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Basically, this nothing more than an overreaction of your immune system to the proteins of the respective pollen.

The main symptoms one knows: itchy eyes, stuffy nose drip. Unpleasant.

The proportion of Germans who fumbling with hay fever is estimated by allergy information service with 15%. Not just a little so.

Reason enough for us, you sometimes imagine a few options as you without equal in the pharmacy to run against seasonal allergies can proceed. Let's go!

Articles: CBD Oil & amp; Co - Natural Helpers against seasonal allergies

  1. eucalyptus oil (peppermint goes too!)
  2. cider vinegar
  3. blow your nose! reduce
  4. stress!
  5. endocannabinoids and CBD
  6. CBD and allergies
  7. Be a pioneer and tell us about your experience

    eucalyptus oil (peppermint goes too!)

    That nature essential oils holds, is truly a blessing. Not just for colds they can for sore airways be a real boon.

    Just eucalyptus and peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory, soothing and decongestant. For allergy sufferers, especially the inhalation is recommended. Respects but definitely comes to quality and genuine oils to be used and that the oil in the case of eucalyptus from Eucalyptus globulus. Oils derived from these types, are in fact particularly effective.
    Incidentally, keyword peppermint code: Our CBD oil there more recently with taste ... and guess what flavor also is ... ­čśë­čî┐

    apple cider vinegar

    Also, apple cider vinegar is to strengthen the immune system and effectively loosen mucus. To relieve allergy symptoms, have a go the following recipe:

    • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
    • lemon
    • 1 glass of water
    • Optional: 1 dash CBD oil

      The whole shuffle you just together and take it one to three times throughout the day. The Good: Even if this allergy is not getting better, you're doing your body still something good, because Apple cider vinegar can have a whole series of further positive effect on our health, such. As lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure and it helps (even if it may seem paradoxical) for heartburn.

      blow your nose!

      As simple as effective. The airborne pollen will eventually only really a problem when they are stuck on one of your mucous membranes. And that affects mostly just the nose. And if not enough of the mustache into her handkerchief, which it can try so times with a nasal douche, an inhaler or nasal oil.

      With a little luck and the right technology can thus be already done a lot.



      Stress is virtually the new smoking - I just happened the risk factors for a handful of randomly selected diseases or complaints, stress will show up in the vast majority of it. So also with allergies.

      Sure, it's not your stress, which causes the trees to finally release its pollen. But stress weakens your immune system and leads to stronger reactions to allergens.

      endocannabinoids and CBD

      Allergies are, as we learned above, an overreaction of your immune system. So it is basically a one inflammatory process. And that in the regulation of such operations endocannabinoids, so the body's own versions of cannabinoids such as CBD, play an important role, it is known at the University Hospital of Bonn for a long time.

      Since 2007, to be exact. As discovered employees * that some mice were kept for experimental purposes, some developed internally by chance about their Earrings inflammatory lesions. In other mice, this reaction did not occur. The difference: mice show a strong reaction, lacking cannabinoid receptors.

      endocannabinoids, the researchers

      seem to act in inflammation, like a kick on the brakes.

      But since we can only very limited deliberately control the formation of endogenous cannabinoids, it might seem obvious that one forth creates external remedy. For example, as we outsource the production of these cannabinoids on plants - and how convenient that it there really is a plant that the outstanding masters ­čśë

      CBD and allergies

      And so: The curtain rises on CBD


      First, it must unfortunately again the same old story be advanced: the research in terms of CBD is not yet fully developed as we would like to have the all. Therefore everything is what comes next rather than hypothesis to be considered. It could be, but need not.

      Still, that CBD as cannabinoid, which it indeed times controversial now, our immune system could help shift down a gear, it seems, given the number of studies in which such an effect was actually observed, not completely insane. " / p>

      It is clear as well: CBD is unlikely to simply wipe your allergy. But that would probably be too much. If it only were possible to make the one or other allergy-afflicted life a bit easy for a lot would have already done so.

      Be a pioneer and tell us about your experience

      Have you already tested CBD against your seasonal allergies? If so, how did it go?

      If not, maybe we have to arouse your interest and you try this spring time to take the field with CBD against your allergy. You can do that quite easily, for example with our CBD oil as a practical oral spray code. The spread is also nice and even on the oral mucosa - so you can cover with a little oil a large area


      Has worked? Or more of a letdown?

      We're always looking for genuine feedback from real customers, so do not hesitate to share your experiences with us!

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