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CBD for ADHD: What does the science say?

18/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
18/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

The beeping of a cash register, loud street noises or even the touch of a fellow human being – people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are significantly more sensitive to stimuli such as these. There’s much more to ADHD than what many see as just being easily distracted, fidgety and unable to sit still.

Ritalin is a common and proven therapy that can make it much easier for those who suffer from the condition – as well as the people around them – to deal wth ADHD. However, alongside the growing popularity of cannabidiol, the use of CBD for ADHD is also gaining traction as a treatment option.

Is there anything to all the talk? We’ve taken a closer look at the facts./p

Symptoms:What is ADHD? The symptoms

ADHD is a common and hereditary neuropsychiatric disorder. It is estimated that roughly 5 percent of children and adolescents in Germany are . In roughly 60 percent of these cases, the key symptoms of ADHD stay around well into adulthood. On the other hand, some ADHD cases can be hard to recognize and remain undiagnosed well until adulthood.

People who are highly sensitive to stimuli can suffer rather quickly from a stimulus overload, and this is especially the case in people who are ADHD. Often seemingly impulsive and restless in their behaviour, they sometimes appear absent-minded and forgetful. All of these are symptoms that can affect their self-esteem, among many other things./p

We also sometimes observe what appears to be contradictory behaviour among ADHD sufferers, as they can become hyper-focussed on something while completely blocking out any other potential stimuli. In other words, when something truly interests them, they’re able to devote a great deal of energy to it.

But this doesn`t change the fact that ADHD can cause high levels of distress and a sense of being overwhelmed in everyday situations, and this applies to both sufferers and the people around them. This is precisely why ADHD should always be treated by a trained physician, especially since the data has shown that adults with ADHD tend to suffer more from

What the traditional treatment for ADHD?

Treating ADHD usually involves several key pillars: while behavioural therapy can help people learn how to live with the disorder, supplementary drug treatment is often used as a complement to psychological efforts.

Ritalin is the drug of choice for many stressed-out students burning the night oil in the library every evening. In most cases, its main active ingredient, methylphenidate, can produce the desired calming effect. However, Ritalin can lead to in children and adolescents.

The latest studies on CBD for ADHD

At the moment, the only randomised, controlled study on cannabinoids and ADHD , an oral spray that contains the psychoactive element known as THC, in addition to CBD.

In the test group, researchers found a slight improvement in levels of hyperactivity and impulsivity as compared to the placebo; they also identified a tendency to experience improved attention capacity after the use of CBD. However, these improvements were too small to be considered medically significant. Thus it remains unclear, exactly, how CBD and THC contributed to these minimal improvements./p

The authors of the study emphasise the need for further research into the potential role played by the endocannabinoid system in treating ADHD.

Can we still make a case for using CBD to treat ADHD?

In general, CBD is said to have a relaxing and calming effect. This impact has been confirmed by a number of personal testimonials by users who suffer from ADHD.

And don´t forget, if you still want to try CBD for ADHD even though there’s a lack of evidence as to its effectiveness the potential side effects of CBD are usually negligible, so taking CBD oil for ADHD might actually be worth a try.

ADHD sufferers might also want to try CBD for its potential sleep-inducing properties, particularly to mitigate sleep problems caused by Ritalin. But remember, if you’re currently taking medication to treat the symptoms of ADHD, you should only take CBD after consulting with your doctor first./p

Is it OK for children to use CBD oil?

Parents sometimes ask themselves whether it’s ok to use CBD oil to treat ADHD in children. So far, CBD has been used primarily to counter the symptoms of in children. In this regard, a recent concluded that although the impact of CBD in children has not yet been researched conclusively, a cautious recommendation for its used can be made.

In other words, we can’t specifically recommend using strongCBD oil to treat ADHS in children/strong. So if you’re considering giving your child CBD, you should definitely discuss it with a doctor beforehand.

CBD for ADHD: No scientific evidence

According to estimates, around 5% of children and adolescents suffer from ADHD. Key ADHD symptoms often persist all the way into adulthood. Behavioural therapy in combination with Ritalin is considered to be a proven treatment.

Some user reports suggest that CBD can have an impact on ADHD. However, there is no scientific evidence that shows any potential effect of CBD on ADHD. If you still interested in trying CBD, you should definitely consult a doctor first.

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