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Is it possible that CBD can help with PMS? | VAAY

19/07/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
19/07/2022 5 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

PMS - are probably not many more words for initiates needs in terms intro to take this opportunity to awaken to memories of quite unpleasant situations ... For all others: PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome - the " days before the days ".

variations in the physical and mental condition caused by cycle-dependent hormonal changes have ever made life difficult for almost every woman. Almost every third of those affected, the symptoms are so strong that they feel constrained by in everyday life. At about 5% it may be due to PMS even come to serious mental health problems - pretty lousy story so


And otherwise: The list of possible symptoms would so many already drive the cold sweat on the forehead reading: headache, lethargy and listlessness, sleep disturbances, fatigue, circulation problems, irritability, abdominal pain and indigestion to to name a few.

No wonder then that there is no shortage on the Internet (secret) tips on how you can gain as victims remedy. In this context, there is increasing talk of CBD. While the non-intoxicating cannabinoid in this country is still more celebrated restrained, it has, for example, in the USA and especially among PMS sufferers already have a loyal following.

We look at today, if there is what is it and answer the question if CBD can actually help with PMS .

But first:

What exactly PMS is all about?

PMS was first defined in 2000 as a separate disease and thus recognized. And, although PMS among the most common gynecological complaints ever heard.

A small selection of symptoms we have already given above; generally complain concerned mainly about abdominal pain, nausea and headaches, as well as psychological symptoms such as mood disorders, mood swings and irritability. How exactly expresses PMS, but can vary greatly from woman to woman.

This also applies to the frequency with which the symptoms occur. Time is talk of 20-40% all women, sometimes it's 75-85% and some sources even claim that up to 95% of all menstruating women are affected. Either way one is clear here but if you are suffering from PMS you so so far from alone


Of course there are, as always, other opinions: Sun is a review (meta-Review) to the conclusion that it PMS, as it is universally understood, possibly does not exist ... well thank you very much as well.

From such outliers aside times, can generally be said that the symptoms after ovulation and about 1-2 weeks occur before the onset of menstruation and disappear with the beginning.

Although many women suffer from PMS undisputed, it remains as a disease in its more severe form, premenstrual dysphoric disorder of (PMDD), often untreated. About the reasons is certainly much Kluge and much more goofy could say. It is established (that is quite complex) that PMS is multifactorial and can be difficult anyway accurately diagnosed. The gold standard of this would be a symptom diary, in which the symptoms are detained for several months ... such a document to perform consistently but will take a correspondingly high costs associated and is therefore poorly usually assumed and often abandoned.

(How) Can CBD help with PMS?

The handle to various (domestic) remedies takes place there already much more frequently. Traditional pain relievers such as ibuprofen, diclofenac or paracetamol for as readily taken as herbal remedies, including chaste tree, lady's mantle and St. John's.

CBD is mentioned in this context more often. It is now no shortage of more anecdotal reports in which the effect of CBD to reduce symptoms of PMS is praised to the skies. However, a glance at the research makes clear quickly: From a scientific perspective, the use of CBD can not be assessed for the treatment of PMS symptoms


A look at the individual symptoms and whether CBD could possibly remedy this situation, but can provide valuable clues:

But first, here again the message : We are not doctors! And even if: The thing is, as we have seen, quite complex - to say at this point, there would be for all these complex problems, a simple solution would be presumptuous and wrong. So if you really are suffering from severe PMS symptoms, you do not spared the way to the doctor unfortunately.

We can here only a summary of the few offer what is known in science on the subject.

So there is this code example, interesting studies on the effects angstmildernden emanating from the CBD. While this can be strong dose-dependent, but with the right amount CBD (in this particular study were 300 mg CBD ) the anxiety of the subjects was significantly reduced. The researchers therefore speak anxiolytic properties to CBD. Before this first theoretical insight but can be translated into concrete practical recommendations, many questions remain to be clarified.

Unfortunately, the study is able to just mentioned angstmildernden effects actually still one of the better. Notes, including from animal model studies and retrospective studies (ie both studies that do not allow general statements because of their methodology), there is also at possible antidepressant effects code, a positive influence the sensation of pain, the sleep a> and ability to deal with stress.

But again and again: From a study location, the general statements allow (let alone clear recommendations for action), we are far away

. otherwise

What helps with PMS?


The use of CBD to improve PMS-related complaints must currently apply even as an experiment -. although many users report good results

Out of CBD can Affected but not to other, more classical methods rely Some painkillers such as acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) or ibuprofen, for example, the worst can often prevent and called diuretics (water tablets) can. contain: water retention during the second half of the cycle (pun Attention!). The birth control pill is often prescribed in this context - but that may be associated with undesirable side effects, and not every woman feels comfortable with the idea of permanently taking hormones. And - you can do it you may already think - of course, you should always such measures with your doctor to discuss


If you prefer to try it without medication, should try to exercise regularly: The can in fact help to reduce mood swings and applies here even quite effective code (and even if not - so'n bit of sport has indeed never hurt!)


In addition, you can try, tea, sugar - limiting alcohol, salt and caffeine intake and avoid stress in everyday life (oh ne ...!)


Calcium and vitamin D are also recommended at this point. To this end, there is also a recommendation code associated with PMS. Also of vegetable side there is support  clues According chaste tree  can help. Even more unclear is the meaning and benefits of acupuncture and reflexology.

Casts CBD now my PMS away or not?

So is the new CBD miracle cure for PMS? As much as we would say to you that too ... probably not. but that's not even important to note that CBD had no effect - PMS is a disease just too complex. The list of possible symptoms is long and every body is different. And so it seems attractive, after a one-for-all to seek solution to all concerned to alleviate all her symptoms promises - that such a solution is ever found, is quite unrealistic


But no reason to throw in the towel: just a few small improvements can already make a huge difference here and there. And - who knows - maybe we'll soon assurance that buy CBD oil now its part to contribute or not. The first signs of this can be found abundantly.

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