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3 damn good reasons for CBD in Lube

23/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Ian Marschalleck
23/08/2022 4 MIN. READ Ian Marschalleck

Admittedly As for sex, we are difficult to impress. Pornos make us feel that we had seen it all (which we had in retrospect to many can do without). And also in terms of sex toys, we are inured: handcuffs, plugs or vibrators have long been part of our repertoire and then bring us the very most still blush when the package arrives at the neighbor.

radical? Is only the reduction - and we do not speak of the pleasure or, God forbid, to reduce the orgasms. Quite the contrary: by having your body (and one or more counterparts), more than ever RESET in the focus, you could entirely new approaches to explore your sexuality


About Sex stoned hear we all have stories or even come already enjoying themselves. Whether you are comfortable with this Part or waive thanks: Even CBD lubricant could be the cannabis plant inspire your sex life. And all this without psychoactive effect - if you orgasms can not be considered to be psychoactive experience


Whether you do it vaginally or anally, alone, doing for two or three people: Curiosity about intense experiences we have in common all. We have three good reasons why you CBD having sex just could bring this closer.

3 damn good reasons for CBD in lubricant

  • first CBD could help you better let go
  • second Anandamide in the CBD could relieve pain
  • third Whoever comes too late is punished by life
  • Is CBD in lubricant for you right?
  • CBD in Lube: or hot not ?

    1. CBD could help you better let go

    Let's make no mistake about it: Good sex can be a downright mind-expanding experience. But for that we need to be relaxed open and above all. Even if your mind is a wonderful thing - during sex, you can him rather less use


    where CBD is said to have not only an antispasmodic effect: Studies in patients with anxiety disorders certify the cannabinoid even a potentially relaxing and anxiolytic effect. So CBD you could also help during sex to be less in the head and entirely up to your senses.

    relaxed you and your counterpart are finally Je, the more you can conquer the space between you back - away from everything and everyone else. Whatever you want to do it remains alone up to you.

    second Anandamide in the CBD could relieve pain

    anandamide is one of many endocannabinoids the hemp plant. Only discovered in 1992, it was named after a Sanskrit word "Ananda", which means as much as joy or pure luck.

    In fact, seem rather to have it anandamide in itself: According to studies, it is attributed to a potentially pain-relieving effect. CBD, which, thanks to its Entourage effect the effects of many Phytocannabinoide code and thus combines the anandamide, thus could be a promising alternative for the treatment of chronic his pain.

    Since pain are not uncommon during sex for many women and some men, unfortunately, CBD could reduce pain in the lubricant directly into the vagina or anus -. And so increase the pleasure for both sides

    third Whoever comes too late is punished by life

    We hope times that rages with you in the bedroom no cold war. But whether with you cozy togetherness or fiery make-up sex is the word: CBD could act as an aphrodisiac by letting you probably feel even more intense.

    The reason? Studies point to a vasodilator effect of CBD. Consequence could be that your vagina or your anus are better supplied with blood and you feel more. In field reports, after the application of lubricant with CBD repeatedly reported a pleasant tingling sensation.

    If the CBD can contribute in the lubricant its part to bridge the gap orgasm, it should be us right. "La petit mort" the French call the moment of loss of control after orgasm. As yet we all die like a thousand deaths, right?

    Is CBD in lubricant for you right?

    CBD acts particularly well by being absorbed through the mucous membranes - as a woman you're so special to get good opportunities at your expense. Regardless of gender, you could also by anal penetration your fun with the lubricant have. Which indirectly naturally anyway both sides of the pleasure benefit.

    If you use a condom, you should, as with any other lubricant to put on water-based formulations and mix accordingly by no means on their own CBD oil into lubricant. Water-based lubes with CBD, however, should, with appropriate identification, safe to be.

    CBD in Lube: or hot not 🔥


    Here are specific studies on the effects of CBD during sex still pending. However, there are indications that it might be relaxing, analgesic and blood circulation in general. Sexually, the bioavailability of the CBD also could be quite high because it is absorbed directly through the vaginal or anal mucosa.

    So you really have your delight in the purity of the ingredients is not unimportant. Finally, the CBD is to be included in the lubricant directly through the mucous membranes. Therefore, the eighth purchase your products CBD necessarily a good quality. not and your conscientious Opposite during oral sex suddenly (without you) is high

    - So you go and make sure that the maximum percentage is not exceeded at THC.

    Whether you simply by CBD in the lubricant at the end do yourself a pleasure to combine it with sex toys or you come through the body of your opponent to your mutual pleasure is entirely up to you. And if you want once you rantasten careful: When Foreplay is a good oil - in this case a CBD massage oil - anyway true gold.

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