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Why to nature in everyday life is good for our bodies and our psyche

03/05/2021 3 MIN. READ Mirko Berger
03/05/2021 3 MIN. READ Mirko Berger

In fact, we are human beings of nature. Once upon a time our ancestors had to rely on to live in harmony with nature - simply to survive. This is not much left in our modern lifestyle. We keep most of our lives in our homes on, often in front of a screen. The more important it is that we deliberately spend time in nature and in the fresh air - for benefits from not only our body but also our mind.

At a glance: with nature in everyday life

  1. Better sleep and rest
  2. A strong immune system code
  3. switch off from everyday
  4. learning for life
  5. learning in our everyday lives

    Better sleep and recovery

    You know the certain: After a long day in the fresh air you can night sleep a lot better. This is the serotonin code. If you sojourned you outdoors and especially in sunlight, serotonin is released by the pineal gland in the brain. Serotonin is again in the evening and at night when it is dark, converted to miracle hormone melatonin code that helps our bodies to regulate sleep. Much serotonin, the same amount of melatonin, equally good, restful night.

    A strong immune system

    You've probably heard of vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for the human body. vitamin D deficiency demonstrably leads to a higher risk of certain cancers code. In infants, a vitamin D deficiency can negatively affect bone growth. , Also is common in children whose ADHD was diagnosed vitamin D deficiency determine .

    where Vitamin D is the only vitamin that the human body can produce itself, but only in the sunlight. Therefore, vitamin D is also referred to as a light hormone. In our skin cholesterol accumulates, which is converted in the sunlight to vitamin D and our tissues into organs . Especially if we stay in the summer outdoors in the sun, our body produces vitamin D. So vitamin D is also a children a healthy bone structure and in adults it is an essential building block for a good immune system. There are indications that a good vitamin D levels prevent certain depression can .

    switch off from everyday life

    Many people who suffer from mental illness, say they benefit immensely from walks in nature and that nature has a calming effect on them. Now, a large proportion of humanity lives in cities and therefore has limited opportunities to escape in everyday life in the fields and woods. However, now many cities are designed so that they offer smaller and larger green oases in between to switch off. It does not have the time-consuming trip to the countryside to be - a short detour to the park around the corner during the lunch break can you have help kick back and relax. Try it.

    Learning for Life

    For children experiences are so important for their development such as food in nature. In the natural environment children experience freedom immediacy and Bonding, they can let off steam and to reach their limits and they can learn through play. When parents we are responsible for our to offer children opportunities to experience nature - especially when we live in urban environments. It's not about the great adventure holiday, but rather everyday small experiences. That experiences in nature are important for people of all ages, has become accepted knowledge in urban planning and in education and is promoted accordingly and supported.

    learning in our everyday lives

    Even though our daily routine is characterized above all that we are working and powerful, should we take the time to switch off and maintain our closeness to nature and appreciate. Of the small breaks in our daily lives to benefit the body and mind and we live a conscious life.

    CBD you can help to make the connection to nature even closer. The natural extract from the cannabis plant are awarded relaxing properties that can make the natural experience even more intense. Give it a try this code. 🌿

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