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What do evening primrose oil, edelweiss and squalane have in common?

09/01/2022 3 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
09/01/2022 3 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

Sure, in our CBD BODY CREAM the main actor is of course CBD (cannabidiol). It helps protect membrane integrity and balances the oxidative stress response caused by UVB exposure.

But why did we also use evening primrose oil, edelweiss and squalane in the formulation? It's simple: all three are good for our skin. But why did we choose these three ingredients of all things? What are their properties and how do they affect our skin? We take you on a little journey into the wonder world of active ingredients.

Evening primrose oil

The "common evening primrose" is a plant species from the evening primrose genus within the evening primrose family. It is a newcomer to Central Europe, introduced to Europe from North America around 1620 as an ornamental plant. In the Americas, native peoples used the stem of the evening primrose plant and the sap of its leaves much earlier to relieve skin inflammation, swelling and bruising. Then, in the 17th century, evening primrose oil became a popular folk remedy in Europe as well. Among the people, it was known as the "king's remedy."

The oil of the plant strengthens the skin barrier with its selected active ingredients, provides intensive, long-lasting moisture and prevents itching. Evening primrose oil rebuilds the skin lipid membrane of low-fat skin, makes the skin supple and at the same time regulates water permeability. Evening primrose oil is the ideal lipid donor, as it provides precisely the special lipid components that low-fat skin lacks. This makes the oil of the common evening primrose an excellent ingredient for our CBD BODY CREAM.


HOOOO-LAAAA-DIII-OOOOOH! Sorry, we don't know for sure if Edelweiss can yodel. What we do know, however, is that the alpine flower has some great properties when it comes to our skin. It's hard to know where to start raving about it, because edelweiss extract is known as a natural remedy for various skin problems and has antioxidant properties. But that's not all: it is said to prevent premature aging of the skin, improve skin elasticity and provide intensive cell protection.
Studies have also tested and successfully established a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect of the extract of edelweiss. The extract is thus an excellent remedy for skin irritation and redness and is suitable for inflamed and sensitive skin.


Squa... what? Don't worry, we'll bring you up to speed on this one too:
Squalane occurs naturally in our skin. At about 15 percent, it's a major component of skin sebum and makes our skin feel silky and smooth. With age, the body's own production decreases, which is why it is particularly suitable for use in cosmetics. This is because it is a natural component of our skin barrier. Because our bodies "know" squalane, it is very well tolerated and allergy to squalane is virtually eliminated.

Squalane has also found its way into our BODY CREAM because it also helps transport active ingredients into the skin. Compared to artificial substitutes, it is absorbed more deeply into the skin and provides it with long-term nutrients. It improves absorption, which also allows other active ingredients to be transported into the skin. But that's not all. Squalane acts as the skin's own oil, making the skin supple and preventing moisture loss. It also reduces the risk of irritation.


We've learned: edelweiss, evening primrose oil and squalane are perfect for formulating a high-quality body cream. When combined with CBD, it makes the lotion even better. You can tell we're mighty proud of our newest baby in the line. When are you testing?

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