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Is CBD just a trend?

12/08/2020 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann
12/08/2020 4 MIN. READ Tim Dresemann

Attentive readers of our website have known it for a long time - and the word is slowly getting around: CBD is a fine thing. The well-behaved sibling cannabinoid of THC, feared for its intoxicating effect, has made quite a name for itself in recent years. Can it live up to the high expectations?

Support from the scientific community

On the scientific side, more and more studies of increasing quality give reason to believe that we still have a lot to expect from CBD in medical terms. And also more and more consumers learn to appreciate the benefits of this substance.

Where was CBD for so long?

One might ask why the CBD is so present right now. Or in other words: If CBD is so exciting, why has it not always been there? A justified question.

The answer is neither complicated nor satisfying: CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and as innocent as it may sound: Hemp is the German name for cannabis. In contrast to hemp, many people still associate cannabis mainly with the illegal intoxicating drug. Words matter.

So why hasn't CBD oil, like tea tree oil, ginger drops or Japanese mint oil, had a firm place in German multi-purpose drawers for decades? At least in part, this is probably because CBD has long been a component of the cannabis plant, so to speak tacitly caught up in the stigmatization.

Where does this come from now and why is CBD "suddenly" such a big issue?

However, this has changed in recent years: The medical use of cannabis is becoming more and more important, not only in science. It is becoming clear that this plant has a very serious and promising potential in several respects.

Fired by this, the awareness is growing again that cannabis is not only a demonizable recreational drug, but also a traditional medicinal plant with a history of use whose beard length demands the highest respect even from the most established hipster.

Feel-good effect completely without intoxication

In addition, there is above all one realization: the medical potential and the notorious intoxicating effect of THC are two different pairs of shoes.

It is not only conceivable, but obvious that one can have one without the (often disturbing) other.

So, in order to take advantage of the benefits of the hemp plant, one is by no means forced to accept the psychoactive effects of THC if one does not want to.

And lo and behold: Also the narcotics law seems to be at least open for such a possibility.

The cannabis plant itself is and remains a big fat "nope" before the law.

However, CBD itself, i.e. the substance itself, is not listed in detail, unlike THC. Cannabidiol is therefore strictly speaking not considered illegal in this sense.

Here we have the conditions that make it possible for CBD to start its triumphal march into our everyday life. But: Just because something is possible does not necessarily mean that it will happen.

CBD is simply good stuff!

And there we finally get to the real heart of the matter: CBD is just good stuff. Apart from the purely medical aspect, CBD is celebrated above all by those who simply want to make their everyday life a little more pleasant. Who want to do something good for themselves, without any chemistry or regrets.

The endocannabinoid system contributes to the smooth functioning of various processes throughout the body. The fact that there are also many interfaces with the one or other civilization ailment beside the treatment of "genuine" medical problems is obvious. A king, who can claim to have no use for such a thing!

And while the treatment of medical conditions anyway usually requires dosages that cannot be so easily reproduced with CBD oil in common concentrations, in other cases it may be that even much less already makes a big difference.
Sometimes not much is needed at all.

Can CBD meet the high expectations?

In the end, the big question remains whether CBD can meet the expectations and whether the trend will continue. Or if after initial euphoria the air is soon out and CBD expects a similarly unglamorous future, like, say, bloodletting and real fur coats.

Our crystal ball is currently still blocked by other applications and so we can only speculate at this point... At least almost, because there is more foundation than pure gut feeling.

Looking at other countries and a never-ending stream of promising research results does not make a certain basic optimism seem too reckless.

And last but not least, there is the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive daily for our CBD products - no matter if it comes from people who want to regain a bit of quality of life through CBD or those who want to broaden their horizon of experience a little bit in a relaxed and safe way. They all send us their great feedback, which makes us believe every day anew that we are working on the right thing.

So is CBD only a temporary trend?

If you ask us: Absolutely not!

On the contrary: His triumphal procession has only just begun.

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