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CBD and E-Sports: So CBD gamers can help

13/01/2021 5 MIN. READ Mirko Berger
13/01/2021 5 MIN. READ Mirko Berger

E-Sports have in recent years gained enormously in popularity and have become so popular that participation is discussed in the Olympic Games in 2024 in Paris -. Something dared what previous generations probably not even dream

The term e-Sports is relatively new and refers to organized competitions in video games. In fact, the abbreviation electronic Sports .

E-athlete * in have worked their way up in the last 20 years of often-ridiculed Keller-gamblers to highly paid athletes and the sport, even if it is still unknown to many, is taken very seriously. The video game tournaments can individually or take place in the team and include all types of video games. There are competitions for simulated sports such as FIFA, NBA and NFL and Battle Royale- and multiplayer online battle games like Fortnite and League of Legends .

In 2018, the market for e-Sports to 897 million amounted U.S. dollar. The end of 2020 there were just under a billion dollars.

The International , a competition for the game Dota 2 , paid 2,018 prizes worth over 25 million US dollars. 2020 already 35 million was then cracked dollars mark.

Apart from The International , are of course all over the world many more video game tournaments in which thousands compete by colleagues to prove themselves and grab prizes in the millions.

A professional gamer can with a successful career earning a lot of money and given the huge competition E-Sport Athlete seize * internal measures to their thoughts to keep sharp and quick reflexes


We look at in this article whether and how CBD for e-sports * may be inside interesting.

How CBD gamers help?

E-Sporting events, which is so much at stake, the participants will be * inside do anything to gain an advantage over their competitors - both mentally and physically. There are some key areas to which the e-sports * can focus inward, in order to prepare her body for a competition - many of which are significant with the desired effects of CBD.

CBD can tired muscles and joints to help with recovery

Although e-sports participants can easily inside train from a chair and compete against each other * and it is rather rare in this sport to physical contact - are e-sports as any other sport prone to muscle and joint pain. " / p>

Some professional e-sports * inside even had to stop playing because of their injuries. The Dota champion Clinton Lumis aka "Fear" suffers for example from a severe tennis elbow as a result of its professional video playing and had to sit out in 2014 some high profile games.


The injuries Video Player * inside, are different focus than in other sports, and mainly to the tendons and ligaments in the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Frequently muscle and joint injuries caused by E-Sports are:

carpal tunnel syndrome (compression of the median nerve) : The carpal tunnel is a tube in the wrist can move to the hand through the nerves. Frequent bending your wrists while playing can cause the carpal tunnel that closes, pinching the nerves inside and pain and discomfort in the wrist and forearm causes.

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) . A new term for this condition is "Mouse elbow" because it uses a computer mouse over a longer period. Mouse elbow is caused by tiny cracks at the base of the tendons in the elbow, the bending movement of the wrist control (such as clicking a mouse button).

pain in the lower back: muscles and intervertebral discs in the spine can be damaged by poor posture and sitting for long periods


In recent years, much research has been published in order to investigate the analgesic effects of CBD. The researchers * internally investigated the effects of CBD on muscle and joint , entzündungsbedingte pain nerve pain and even pain that against other forms of treatment are resistant.

For best results, speak always with a doctor or physical therapist about your injury before you capture CBD. For tired muscles creams are and especially to achieve oils for optimum results.

CBD could help reduce long-term stress through training and competition

Just like other athletes who are e-sports athlete * in under high load. Constant training, competitions and worried about the ranking can cause increased stress. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

If the stress response is activated in the body, the adrenal glands secrete a stress hormone called cortisol. This is the main stress hormone in the body that causes most of the effects that we perceive as stress.

In the short term, stress can be extremely helpful for e-sports activities. It increases awareness and provides razor-sharp reflexes.

However, if this stress persists for too long, he begins to have the opposite effect - which may to inflammation of the brain and can cause a gradual loss of neuronal function. This is obviously bad for business if e-sports * inside trust it to stay focused to win games.

CBD stood in recent years in many research focus of interest, seeking to stop stress and protect the brain from neurodegeneration.

For E-athlete * inside as well as other professional athletes may CBD therefore be interesting to alleviate the negative effects of stress on the brain and body, without affecting the short-term benefits of stress during the competition.

CBD can help induce sleep, and thus lead to better performance.

sleep is for brain function crucial. While we sleep, our brain remains relatively active. However, if we suffer from lack of sleep, the brain can not function optimally. This leads to a higher probability of error , Gedächtnisproblemen and difficulty concentrating. * Is for athletes inside the natural poison.

CBD can our natural sleep-wake cycle support by acting on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays a key role in the sleep-wake cycle. This is the natural cycle, we feel by us during the day and at night awake tired.

People who frequently play video games often experience disturbed sleep-wake cycles due to irregular sleep habits and exposure to computer screens late at night.

have here some rituals collected, you can help a healthy and restful sleep patterns to find.

What should be noted for gamers?

Can CBD are used in e-sports?

About 4 years ago, the Electronic Sports

gave League a statement that the organization is its anti-doping list would be based on those listed in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) substances.

The cannabinoids in cannabis are included in this list - with the explicit exception of CBD. For this reason, it is particularly important to only CBD products to use, which contain very little to no THC.

If the eSports league in which you want mitstreiten however perform drug testing, you should grab prefer to CBD isolates, as well as small amounts of THC can be detected by tests.

Always talk to the team doctor

CBD is an excellent addition to health and there are several reasons why professional eSports athletes may want to install this compound in their supplements.

However, it is to consult advisable to always your health care provider before you capture CBD.


E-Sports are booming and these sports division is growing every year on. * Competitors inside have the potential to earn millions. This gives the inside to take e-sports athlete * a lot of motivation, additional measures to continue to achieve excellence.

CBD could * be in in this sense, a support on a holistic level for athletes, but the intake should never have happened without the consent of the team doctor.

With the right training, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is the next title so nothing in the way.

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