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What should know seniors: CBD aged

12/01/2021 6 MIN. READ Mirko Berger
12/01/2021 6 MIN. READ Mirko Berger

Although the cannabis plant has been known for millennia as a medicinal plant, it has been decades in our latitudes demonized as a drug and as such forced more or less to the margins of society. Fortunately, the changes slowly and the medical benefits of the plant is increasingly being rediscovered, researched and acknowledged. Yet still do not have many people reservations.

Older people understandably react still often suspicious or even hostile when it comes to hemp products. This is a pity, because especially in the various ailments of age of the cannabis plant could be by the constituents may create light and friendly help. In particular, cannabidiol or CBD shortly should be interesting for many elderly people.

What's CBD exactly?

The cannabis plant contains over 130 different cannabinoids , which are mainly concentrated in the resin of the aromatic buds. Cannabinoids are special chemical compounds, of which most are still poorly understood and little is known about their effect. Various cannabinoids may have on us and our bodies different effects. One of the better researched cannabinoids CBD, attributed to many positive effects. Won is CBD from approved as industrial hemp plants, which can only have a very low THC content. The upper limit for THC in industrial hemp in Germany is 0.2 percent, in the final end product of THC content is but even much lower. So the high-solubilizing, psychoactive effect eliminated as far as possible in these products and therefore they are legally available in various forms.

We want to note

At this point, that it is not in the CBD is an officially approved drug. Although CBD is often touted by unscrupulous companies as a panacea, it is used in only a few drugs as a component, which are mainly used in multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Otherwise, there is no prescription often only as a dietary supplement or in cosmetics in sales.

The CBD envisaged modes of action also apply to a large extent as insufficient scientific proof, which is also because, was that the cannabis plant as long considered purely in their capacity as drug and therefore not explored. However, the growing number of reports of successful experience-users communicate now a picture of the positive effects that CBD might have.

How could CBD help older people?

CBD for rheumatism

Many older people are struggling with rheumatism. This term is more summarized than 200 diseases, all running different and have other causes. But there is also something in common: They all have a negative effect on the connective and supporting tissues of the musculoskeletal system. Affected suffer discomfort in the joints and soft tissues and bones. The pain associated with impaired sufferers strong and limit their quality of life. Patients are thus restless and can fall asleep worse. Often they are also plagued by fears. Thus, rheumatism can affect the psyche. Since CBD analgesic , anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it could have a positive effect in this disease. Although there are studies that provide evidence of a positive effect, but are scientific evidence from the past.

CBD for better sleep

sleep disorders occur in older people very often. Often this is due to different diseases, which make it the victims hard to get the necessary sleep. Many users of CBD say that for it can create the integration of CBD in their everyday remedy. CBD can be used, thus helping to come to rest after a long day, for example, as an aid to meditation or in the form of bath balls for a relaxing bath. So far, it lacks even here in studies and tangible scientific evidence for the direct effect of CBD on sleep. Many users report it inside but that they would wake up much more rested in the morning when they install CBD in their evening ritual.

CBD in osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease and the number of cases continues to increase. In Germany, about five million people suffer today already osteoarthritis-related symptoms, and especially older people are often affected. Pain in the knees, hands and hips most often occur. Here, too, CBD could have a positive effect due to its rumored him pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers lead the possible positive effect on the interaction of CBD with the body's endocannabinoid system back. There have already been studies conducted who came to the conclusion that CBD is seemingly able to reduce joint inflammation. Since these studies, however, were made only in rats, research is continuing in order to give sometime concrete recommendations to patients.

CBD in anxiety disorders

Fear is a survival response to major hazards. However, there are also people who are afraid even against everyday situations. This can lead to tremors, shortness of breath or palpitations. Older people often suffer from such anxiety disorders. Often doctors prescribe for anxiety disorders partly powerful drugs with equally strong side effects. Meanwhile, there are some studies that deal with the mode of action of CBD on the nervous system and the brain. Although here are no concrete results before, but it seems to be that CBD a direct impact on the so-called 5-HT1A receptor has in the brain. This is part of the central nervous system and very important. All substances that bind to exactly this receptor can ensure that an anxiolytic effect occurs. In one study it was found that CBD is able to interact with this receptor. Thus, it is possible that CBD could have a positive effect on anxiety disorders.

CBD for pain relief

We all know it. With age also pain occurs more often. Especially in older people with pre-existing conditions include pain already part of everyday life. The hemp plant has been used for millennia to relieve pain. Especially migraines , headache and back pain are among the types of pain in which CBD will have an effect. In some scientific studies have shown previously that CBD can be a good complement to conventional pain treatment. It was found that victims were able to reduce their pain medication dose by taking CBD. Particularly seniors with chronic conditions might benefit from this effect. However, these studies are just the beginning. There is much more research needed to be able to prove scientifically comprehensively to a specific effect of CBD on pain.

What are the risks in CBD?

According to the aforementioned studies and experience reports CBD could be helpful in various ailments. Generally CBD has only minor side effects , including fatigue, insomnia, lower blood pressure, drowsiness and dizziness, loss of appetite and diarrhea, as well as rare allergic reactions are. There are also certain medications that should not be taken together with CBD.

It is therefore advisable to speak first with your doctor or health care professional before taking CBD. So it is possible to exclude any interaction from the outset.

Set up the right CBD product

Especially great is the variety of CBD oil and other hemp products on the Internet. However, one should not rashly ordered from a dealer just because this advertises an unbeatable price. The production of CBD is complicated and the production of quality products requires some effort and technical know-how. This has a corresponding effect on the price of.

It is important to pay attention especially with hemp products, excellent quality. The following features should be considered:

  • The hemp is grown organically in the EU
  • The product is free of pesticides
  • The product is free of additives
  • The manufacturer is certified
  • products are regularly tested by external laboratories
  • How CBD be taken?

    High-quality CBD oil can be administered orally or in capsule form. It is important to accustom the body slowly to it and care should be exercised when dosing , First, it is advisable to apply a drop under the tongue. From here, the CBD is absorbed through the oral mucosa and it comes quickly to the desired effect. CBD oils, there are also spray .

    Who never CBD has taken, which should start with a low dose of 5 mg per day start. This amount is then increased slowly and in small steps until you have obtained from you the desired effect.

    In addition to the CBD oil there are commercially and capsules. The advantage of capsules as opposed to liquid oil is that you can take anywhere. However, one must bear in mind when taking capsules, the effect that unfolds with a time delay. above are for external use also creams and ointments available.

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