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VAAY Insights: These are our CBD BODY CREAM routines

10/01/2022 2 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler
10/01/2022 2 MIN. READ Sophie Klingler

Our skin needs special attention, especially in winter and summer. In winter, our skin is often very dry, brittle and groans for moisture. In summer, we need to soothe it rather, because it is particularly stressed by the high sun exposure and needs care.

Basically, it makes sense to care for the skin regularly with a high-quality body cream, - also to prevent signs of aging. We have developed the VAAY CBD BODY CREAM to satisfy all the needs of our skin. The application possibilities are varied and very individual, because every skin is different. To show you how to best integrate the use of the cream into your daily routine, we asked our colleagues how they use the CBD Body Lotion in their daily routines. Let's go!

Here's how VAAY employees use CBD BODY CREAM in their daily routines.

Chelsea, Brand Owner

"I use CBD BODY CREAM as an immediate post-workout product. You can feel it immediately when you relax after stretching. Since I tend to have a higher heart rate after a workout, I use the Hemp Vitamin D Oil with Schisandra to help me relax afterwards and also because it gets dark early to replace the sunshine vibes. After showering and before bed, I like to apply the cream to the areas most tired from working out to keep them hydrated overnight."

Viktoria, Flagship Store Manager

"I use CBD BODY CREAM for special cases: super dry, winter cold skin. The dryness is history after two applications. This is not a classic body cream, I would almost call it "medicinal". I use it for my dry feet and after washing dishes for my hands. My friend had super dry skin right on his belly button. After applying the cream twice, the problem was solved."

Larissa, Social Media Manager

"I use the CBD BODY CREAM for foot massage before going to bed. This ritual is inspired by Ayurveda, a 3000-year-old Indian health teaching: Originally, you massage your feet with warm oil and put on socks, - this makes you tired and supports the immune system overnight. In addition, the active ingredients can soak into the skin particularly well overnight and you wake up with soft, well-groomed feet!
And another tip for people with long thick hair: I sometimes massage a small amount of the body cream into the ends of my hair. This helps when the hair is super dry and frizzy".

Gabriela, product development

"I suffer from dry heels, elbows and legs. CBD BODY CREAM is a higher density nourishing body cream to keep these specific areas of the body supple and moisturized. I apply the cream to the aforementioned areas after taking a warm shower in the evening. The shower water should not be too hot, as the combination of hot and "hard" Berlin water dries out the skin.

It's nice to massage the cream into the warm skin, put on the high quality cotton or Tencel nightgown, jump into bed and let the cream work its magic! I'm going to test the cream on my neck and décolletage, because I'm getting to that special age where the sensitive skin on our neck and décolletage shows how we used to relate to our bodies 10-20 years ago..." ;)

How do you use our body cream? Write it to us on Instagram!

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